Former Spur Horry wanted more ‘Big Shots’


Robert HorryFormer San Antonio Spurs forward Robert Horry had a knack for knocking down big shots in clutch situations. He did for just about every team he played for and he was key in the Spurs’ 2005 NBA Finals series against the Detroit Pistons.

Perhaps Horry is most remembered for his shot that turned the series around when the Lakers trailed the Sacramento Kings in a possible closeout game during the 2002 Western Conference Finals.

Although Horry what was likely the most important shot in that series, the ball came from a Vlade Divac tipout and Horry recently told he felt he didn’t get enough shots.

“I always believed I should have got more shots in a game, from my team-mates. But they never gave me the ball,” said Robert Horry, one of the five players entrusted by Phil Jackson, the Lakers coach to save the series, and take the Sacramento Kings to overtime.

Because of his clutch shooting and the nickname “Big Shot Bob,” Horry gained a reputation and was pigeon-holed as just a clutch shooter. As Spurs fans know, he made a key pass to Manu Ginobili during that 2005 series and ripped off a dunk over Rip Hamilton far from the three-point line. Beyond that he was also a solid defender, something he says he didn’t get enough credit for.

“I don’t think I ever got enough credit for my defensive skills and that’s a regret; that I won’t be remembered as a defensive player more so than a clutch guy who shot the threes. You want to be remembered as a basketball player, meaning your all-round game – your defensive set, as much as your offensive.”

Considering Horry has a total of seven championship rings, including two with the Spurs, being remembered as a clutch shooter should certainly be considered just icing on the cake after being known as a champion, but it shows that Horry’s competitive spirit is still alive and well, even in retirement.