Former Spur Hill considering playing overseas


Add former San Antonio Spurs guard George Hill to the ever growing list of NBA players thinking of heading overseas during the NBA lockout according to his agent Michael Whitaker:

“If a team with the appropriate budget – that’s an Euroleague or Eurocup team – is willing to give him an NBA out if and when the lockout ends, George will highly consider the offer,” Whitaker said. “If the NBA season is fully canceled, it will be more likely that George pursues an opportunity to play in Europe or China.

“We had a few Euroleague and Eurocup teams very interested and willing to grant him an NBA out, but at the time George was not ready to commit to such offers. If such an offer comes at this point, I believe George will be more willing to consider it and accept it.”

As the lockout continues to drag and no movement to bridge the gap between the players union and the NBA, chances are high Hill and many other players will take their talents elsewhere. And who can blame them?

If a foreign team wants to spend the money, insure the player and give them an out-clause to return to the NBA once the lockout is over, why not take advantage of that? It’s a win-win situation. The team gets to fill the stands, rake in some money in the short-term, and the player gets to generate income, stay in game-shape, and can leave when the lockout is over.

Hill and the other players will be able to play against top-level competition, keep the rust off, and perhaps learn a few new things from foreign players. Hill can do all that or continue to drop 50 points in Pro-Am games against sub-par competition.

But now that he is an Indiana Pacer, what do Pacers fans feel about Hill possibly making the jump overseas? Check out what our good friend Jared Wade over at 8 points, 9 seconds has to say.