Former Spur Derek Anderson praises Coach Pop

In case you don't remember what former San Antonio Spurs guard Derek Anderson said about the Spurs during his free agency in 2001, here's a reminder.

Yes, the same Derek Anderson that once publicly denounced Gregg Popovich and the Spurs for not quickly forking over the multi-millions he expected as a free agent is now singing the praises of Pop.
“I think Coach Popovich is one of those coaches that allows his players to be players, he disciplines when they need to be disciplined, and he gives everyone rewards when you need to be rewarded,” Anderson told ProBasketballTalk. “He gives you a fair chance. That is why you see a bunch of guys who are not big names and they become better players because he gives you that.”
The adage other players have used is that Popovich treats grown men like men, not children to be scolded and bribed.
“Exactly, that is the level of respect, you give it and you get it you return,” Anderson continued. “But if you kiss up to these kids and these players eventually you are going to take advantage of it like anyone would. Popovich is one of those great guys that you really respect and you look up to because he treats everyone fair.”
While I do agree with Dereks' opinions on coach Pop stated above, I can't help but remember Derek complaining on the local news about his contract negotiations with the Spurs over and over. Even going so far as saying, "San Antonio needs to just step up and be men about it, and do their business."
In the end, Derek acted like a spoiled kid, the Spurs did not resign him and his career floundered after. He didn't respect the Spurs and did not get respect back. He didn't act like a grown man as he would put it.
That sounds to me like a kid expecting to be kissed up to. 
Where have I heard that before?
But to Anderson's credit, he did speak well of Pop and the organization. Perhaps now he is giving respect and acting like a grown man. Something he should have done years ago.