Forever Toros Ep. 3 – What G League season looks like in COVID era

Austin Spurs

Note: This episode was recorded prior to the staff changes in Austin.

John Diaz, Jonas Clark and Michael De Leon are back for another episode of Forever Toros.


Landry Fields taking over as Atlanta Hawks Asst. GM and how Austin’s been a jumping point now for front office hires like him and Sean Marks.

Replacing Blake Ahearn now that he’s in Memphis and how important is that hire moving forward

G League season recaps pre-COVID for Eubanks, Quinndary, Keldon, Luka and Metu – then post COVID for Eubanks and Keldon.

What does the G League season look like in the COVID era? Could NBA expand rosters/call ups with potential scheduling and compact season?

Look for episode four of the podcast with Paul Garcia this weekend.



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