Ford suffers stinger, will not return tonight


T.J. Ford

San Antonio Spurs guard T.J. Ford will not return to tonight’s game against the Knicks after suffering a stinger in the second quarter.

Ford was hit hard in the back by Knicks guard Baron Davis while the Spurs scrambled for a rebound. Ford was also kicked in the head by teammate Tiago Splitter, who was also attempting to rebound the ball.

A stinger or a nerve pinch injury is a common sports injury. The Spurs have reported that Ford is neurologically intact, which means he avoided a more serious injury.

A timetable has not been set for his return. Depending on the level of pain, Ford could be back for the next week or be out for two weeks.

Paul Garcia and I will try to get more answers regarding the injury and a timetable in our postgame interviews.