For Spurs’ De Colo, lower is better


It's been a pretty impressive NBA rookie debut for San Antonio Spurs guard Nando De Colo. He scored 11 points in his first NBA game versus the Hawks, and nailed the game-winning shot. Not to mention he has been showing just how brilliant a passer he can be.

Heading into his rookie season, one knock on De Colo's game was he didn't have a reliable outside shot. While with Spanish club Valencia, he averaged 46.7% from the field in his final season but in four preseason games (including the Siena game), Nando is averaging 52% from the field including going 3-3 from the field and 1-1 from the three-point line in the Spurs' recent win against the Rockets.

But like every NBA player, there's always room for improvement and for Nando, it begins with his legs.

Nando and the Spurs coaches are working on improving his shot and have De Colo focusing on getting lower.

"They said to be more lower when I shoot, when I drive. Just to be lower, to be stronger going to the basket," said De Colo.

At training camp, De Colo and shooting coach Chip Engelland have been working on his shot right after practice. Nando takes shot after shot and even has done some shooting off the dribble drills in an effort to improve.

"I just need to practice," De Colo said about improving his outside shot. "To be more focused in my legs to push it."

Nando is the type of player to not quit in the gym and use every chance to improve his shot. Of course going 100% from the field versus the Rockets will only help his cause to earn some playing time off the bench but as long as he sticks to good old-fashion practice, there's a good chance he will be showing off just how low, and more importantly for San Antonio, and how accurate his shot will be.

"(I'm) just focusing on my shot," he said. "I want to practice a lot when I have time to do so."