For sneakerheads: TD’s Total Air Foamposite Maxes


San Antonio Spurs fans could probably use a little throwback to the days when Tim Duncan was a younger man. Well, now they can have something to remind them of those days.

In Tim’s early NBA years, he wore “Foamposite” shoes. You may not know what I’m talking about until you take a look at the picture, but surely they’ll bring back some memories.

Now, the Foamposite shoes are making a comeback. Apparently, people have been begging for these, and now they get their wish. A little pricey, in my opinion, but they look pretty sweet.

Now, if we could just get a season going, so we could see how these babies look in action.

Well what do you think Spurs fans? Thumbs up or thumbs down and can you see yourself sporting these kicks?