Fomer Spur Bowen believes in Mavericks


Former San Antonio Spurs player and current ESPN NBA analyst Bruce Bowen was never considered a favorite among Dallas Mavericks fans. His aggressive defense on Dirk Nowitzki, his knack for getting under the skin of Dallas players on defense led to him being a player Mavs fans loved to hate.

However, perhaps this may change the tune of Mavs fans feelings on Bowen.

Bowen believes the Mavericks will bounce back in tonight’s matchup against the Miami Heat after their Game 3 loss in the NBA Finals:

“I believe Dallas will bounce back. They’ll come out as a more desperate ballclub tomorrow night. But if they don’t come back with that type of desperate exertion of energy, then it could be trouble for them because you don’t want to go down 3-1 going into Game 5.”

Bowen went on to give his knowledge of playing in the NBA Finals with the Spurs and had these words of advice for Dallas:

“In 2005, we won our first two games against Detroit. We go into Detroit thinking ‘oh, we got it going on’ and they smashed us in the mouth two straight games. Blowouts. Totally different than what we played in San Antonio. And if it wasn’t for Rob Horry’s heroics knocking down those three point balls, then who knows if we would’ve had that championship that year.

“It’s about how you react to the wins and losses in the playoffs that really define who you are.”

Well there you go fans. A former Spur believing in the Spurs biggest rival.

What say you Spurs fans? Should Spurs fandom bury the hatchet and pull for the team from Texas?