Floyd Mayweather wins big betting on the Spurs


Boxer Floyd Mayweather is notorious for making huge sports bets. It’s well known because he usually boasts (or sulks) about it on Twitter.

The guy clearly has lots of money because he throws down millions of dollars like it’s nothing. There were rumors that he bet up to $3 million on Michigan when they played Alabama back at the start of college football season. If that’s true, then he lost that $3 million.

His most recent bet that he made known to the public was a $275K bet on the Spurs to beat the Lakers by more than a point.

With the way the game turned out, I wonder if he’s offered to buy San Antonio Spurs' Danny Green dinner or something. Green hit the game winning three-pointer with 9.3 seconds left versus the Lakers, and Pau Gasol missed his chance for a game winner and the Spurs 84-82.

After the game, Mayweather posted his betting slips on Twitter along with a few words to rub it in.

"Kobe Bryant is a living legend but I bet $275k on Spurs and Danny Green got me that green," he tweeted.











Vegas takes a percentage, so Mayweather only really won like $250K, but who’s counting?

Still, I wonder how much Mayweather was sweating down the stretch of that game, and if he thought about repaying Green for that shot, or even Coach Popovich for drawing up the play.

I doubt it, but that man sure knows how to keep things interesting even when he’s not in the ring.