Floyd Mayweather sends his thanks to Spurs’ Green


Boxer Floyd Mayweather recently won big on the San Antonio Spurs when he raked in $250,000 (with the Vegas cut) when Danny Green nailed the game-winning three pointer versus the Lakers. Mayweather took to Twitter to brag and thank Green for making him richer, posting photos of the winning bet.

So of course Mayweather took time to thank Green by sending him some "TMT" swag.

Check out the gear Green got.

OK that was nice of Mayweather to send Green some gear but too bad he couldn't share in his winnings. That will look bad in the eyes of the NBA but come on, Mayweather could have done better than some tee shirts and caps.

Green's three won Floyd some serious cash and he wins again when Green wears the "TMT" gear. That's free advertisement for Mayweather.

Oh well, like they say, it's the thought that counts.

(photo via Danny Green)