Five takeaways from Spurs opener

Here we are once again in the midst of yet another San Antonio Spurs basketball season. Game one is now in the books, and the Spurs are off and running after another victory over the Memphis Grizzlies.
And without further ado, I give you my five takeaways from game one of the 2013-14 San Antonio Spurs season.
1. The Spurs look to be continuing a concerted effort to returning to being a top notch defensive squad. The defensive effort was there virtually across the board.Everyone seemed fully engaged on the defensive side of the ball. The Spurs defense in the 2nd quarter in particular was quite impressive. The Grizzlies meager 7 points in the 2nd quarter was the 3rd lowest in team history.
2. Boris Diaw looks to be continuing the trend he seemed to start in EuroBasket, of looking to be more willing to get involved in scoring. He tied with Kawhi Leonard for top Spurs scorers with 14 points each, with Diaw getting his off the bench. There's lots of Spurs fans out there that love to see an aggressive Boris, so here's hoping Boris continues to pass on passing up shots.
3. Coach Pop gave credit where credit was certainly due when he trotted Patty Mills out as the backup to Tony Parker. And Patty rewarded Pops decision by shooting 100% across the board including three big three point buckets, one of which he converted into a 4 pointer after being fouled. He also played some irritatingly pesky defense on opposing guards. Slim and trim Patty just may end up being a hidden gem this year.
4. Manu looked a lot like the Manu of old. Slashing to the bucket, making quick moves, getting steals, dealing five assists with only one turnover, and shooting at a nearly 67% clip. This is the Manu we hope to see with regularity this year. My feeling is that he will be fighting hard all year to redeem himself after last years poor playoff performances.
4.5. Tony Allen suddenly shooting well only increases my level of loathing for him. (would be remiss not taking a shot at Allen when given the opportunity)
5. Kawhi Leonard is a good basketball player. He rebounded the ball well with seven rebounds. He was a perfect 2-2 shooting the 3 ball, and his shooting percentage was a a hair under 56%. And in a crucial time of the game, when the Grizz were clawing back into the it, Leonard hit a timely three pointer with a little more than two mins left in the fourth quarter that put the Spurs up by 13. It was a clutch dagger and a beautiful sight to see the youngster once again step up in crunch time.
So there you have it Spurs fans. Now it's your turn to chime in with your takeaways below. Stay classy San Antonio.