First half recap: Spurs vs. Cavs


The San Antonio Spurs hosted the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight in the AT&T Center and after the first half, the Spurs are leading the Cavs 66-61.

Here is how the first half went down in San Antonio.

First Quarter Recap:

The Spurs raced to an early double-digit lead and shot 5 for 7 early on but soon the Cavs started to hit some shots to close the gap to 13-8 before the Spurs took a time out.  For most of the first quarter, Tim Duncan was just abusing the Cavs. Duncan finished with 13 points and 6 rebounds at the end of the quarter. However, the Cavs kept it close after the first quarter shooting 54.5% with solid bench play. Cleveland's bench poured in 12 points with the Spurs bench finished with 4 points.

Stat Leader: Duncan with 13 points and 6 rebounds.

Score: Spurs 34, Cavs 30.

Second Quarter Recap:

The Cavs continued to keep things interesting and took the lead midway through the second quarter. The Spurs were playing so sloppy that coach Gregg Popovich was ejected midway through the second quarter. With the Cavs getting hot from the field (at one point were shooting 61%) and the Cavs bench outplaying the Spurs bench, led to the Cavs taking the lead away from the Spurs. 

But these are the Spurs and they clawed back to tie the game and eventually take the lead heading into halftime.

Stat Leader: Duncan with 18 points, and 8 rebounds.

Halftime Score:  Spurs 66, Cavs 61

Halftime Stats:

  • Spurs with 10 turnovers leading to 13 Cavs' points.
  • Cavs' bench with 25 points while Spurs' bench with 22 points.
  • Spurs with 38 points in the paint. Cavs with 24 points in the paint.