Do You Finger Roll or Tear Drop?


A few weeks ago, Project Spurs looked at the top five signature moves from former or current Spurs.  In that article, we looked at two signature shots from George Gervin and Tony Parker — The “Finger Roll” and the “Tear Drop.”

Both shots frustrated would-be shot blockers, as Gervin and Parker put the ball in the basket with ease.

Either shot is effective in the lane but if you were on the court which shot would you prefer?  Are you a “finger roll” or a “tear drop” kind of player?

George Gervin’s “Finger Roll”

Before Parker’s “tear drop” shot, there was Gervin’s “finger roll.” With the flick of his wrist, Gervin’s shot would sail over the finger tips of defenders and go in the basket.  Gervin’s finger roll was a high arching shot and it didn’t matter if the defender was closely guarding him. Gervin could get the shot off no matter what.  It also helped he had the size to score over defenders with the finger roll.

Tony Parker’s “Tear Drop” Shot

Parker’s shot in the paint is more of a “put shot.”  As soon as Parker gets into the lane, he anticipates the defender coming at him and pushes the shot into the basket over the defender. Unlike Gervin, Parker needs some space to get the shot off.  But unlike Gervin, Parker has speed to break down the defender if the “tear drop” is not an option.

Both are effective shots in the lane but which shot would you go to? If you broke down the defense and saw players like Jabbar in Gervin’s time or Shaq in Parker’s time coming at you, would you use the finger roll or teardrop? Let us know in the comments.