Blazers’ Felton on Spurs title chances: ‘They’ve got a better shot than anybody else’


As the San Antonio Spurs prepare to make another leap into the NBA playoffs likely against the Utah Jazz RFthis weekend in round one, one of their NBA peers thinks they have a really good chance at winning their fifth NBA title.

On Monday after the Portland Trail Blazers were dismantled by 35-points by the Spurs, Blazers guard Raymond Felton about the Spurs’ title chances this season. Felton had this to say on the Spurs.

“They’ve got just as good a chance as anybody else,” said Felton. “They’ve got a deep team, they added a lot of big pieces at the end. Patty Mills during the season, they’ve got Boris Diaw off a buyout from the Bobcats, and Stephen Jackson off a trade, they’ve got so many pieces it’s just made them better.”

Felton, like many Spurs fans, knows exactly what the real key to the Spurs postseason success — health and Tony Parker’s play.

“Ginobili’s healthy, Tim Duncan’s healthy, Tony Parker’s having the best year I think all around for a point guard scoring and assist wise.”

“They’ve got a great shot at it (title).” said Felton, “They’ve got a better shot than anybody else I think. It’ll be interesting to see.”

Personally, I hold in regard a players opinion more than any analyst out there. Why? Because Felton, as well as other players are the one’s out there each night having to actually try to stop the Spurs, and most have been unsuccessful. An analyst can give numbers and thoughts, but they’re not the one’s suiting up and trying to stop Parker or any of the other Spurs.

As Felton says, San Antonio has a promising playoff road ahead of them, so long as they stay healthy.

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