Fans react to Manu possibly playing this summer


Spurs fans are keeping a close eye on Manu Ginobili’s future with the Spurs. “Will he or won’t he resign?” seems to be on their lips.

Recently, Manu made comments on possibly playing for Argentina in this summer’s FIBA 2010 World Championship in Turkey.

The fan reaction was mixed and as one fan points out, Manu playing in the summer could mean good things for the Spurs the following season.

John at MundoAlbiceleste said the following:

“Let’s not forget, every time Manu comes back from International duty; it seems like he and the Spurs will go to have a great season (apart from 2008 that is). 

2002 – FIBA World Championship Runners Up 
2003 – NBA Championship 
2004 – Athens Olympic Gold Medalist Winner 2005 – 2nd NBA Championship 
2006 – FIBA World Championship Semi-Finalist 
2007 – 3rd NBA Championship 
2008 – Beijing Olympic Bronze Medalist Winner 
2009 – Unfortunately he had an injury prone season 
2010 – Another great outing at the FIBA Worlds? 
2011 – Another NBA Championship?”

Spurs Fan Henry said:

“Yeah John we love Manu if he wants to play for his country so be it.”

Mark_M said:

“He can play just promise that he won’t get injured!”

Beverly chimed in with this:

“I think that Manu needs to sit out for the summer. Afterall, his wife is about to have twins. He needs to be home to play daddy. And he is prone to injury. He needs to be healthy so the Spurs can win again next year.”

As you can see, fans seems to be split down the middle on Manu playing this summer. It will be a hot topic should both parties sit down and discuss contract extension for Manu.

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