Fans chant ‘Manu’ as a bat disrupts Silver Stars game


Back in 2009, a wayward bat flew onto the court at the AT&T Center during a San Antonio Spurs game. Spurs’ Manu Ginobili took matters into his own hands and swatted the bat for the game can continue.

Though much to the dissatisfaction of PETA.

Well it would seem another bat disrupted a basketball game last night at the AT&T Center during the San Antonio Silver Stars matchup versus the Los Angeles Sparks.

A bat flew onto the court during the Stars game causing players to run off the court and fans in the stands to chant “Manu” in remembrance of his incident with a bat .

However, unlike Ginobili, no player swatted the flying rodent and the refs carried the bat away in towels.

Wonder if any players asked, “Where is Manu when you need him?”