Fan Post: What is the future of Spurs basketball?

Editor's note: Project Spurs readers, check out this fan post submitted by Kevin Hubbell on the future of the Spurs and if the team needs to do something now to ensure its continued success.
The San Antonio Spurs have had great success in the past several years as we all know. That leads to the question: what would be the most likely scenario to insure Spurs success in the near future?
Most fans would agree that Kawhi Leonard and Tony Parker are two of the likely core of our future Spurs. But, should that be the case? Some may say that the window is now closed and Spurs front office should act now to do more than just fill the end of the bench with role players.
Perhaps they should strike while the iron is hot, and trade one or more core players while their stock is high for a new, young piece and go in a different direction.
But, is the window really already closed? With the Spurs just seconds away from the team's fifth title last season, shouldn't that be an indicator that continuity might be the best avenue to follow? I'm sure many Spurs fans believe that the team should continue to ride the horses that brought them to several past glories but let's face it, those horses are getting old.
Sure, the team did hire a big-name college scout recently but overall, this is the difficult question at hand.
Can the Spurs continue to thrive once Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili are retired? Can the Spurs replace these men through the draft? With Parker and Leonard as the new core, would the team even be bad enough to garner the much sought after high lottery picks it may need to continue to be a contender?
Questions abound this season, and Project Spurs is keen to know what you, the fans think is the best idea to keep our Spurs relevant in the coming years.
Considering the era of the "Big Three" is nearing the end, it is time to think about what direction the team has to go if they want to remain title contenders.
So what are your thoughts Spurs fans? Big trade right now? Build through the draft? Or perhaps cross our fingers that San Antonio could actually finally bring in the big name free agent in the next couple years that we all have yearned for, for so very long?