Fan has quite the collection of Tony Parker sneakers


His sneaker collection may not rival San Antonio Spurs' Stephen Jackson's but this Tony Parker fan shows his love for TP by owning 45 pairs of No. 9's kicks.

Julian, a native of France and currently living in New York City, opened up his collection of Parker kicks to French site, and revealed quite an impressive collection. In the interview, he revels he actually owns over 150 pairs of sneakers from TP,Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. In his collection, Julian reveals he does own a few of TP's rarest and valuable kicks.

There is the Nike Air Max range and a pair signed during his first season in San Antonio in 2001. The Nike 2K5 scope, a signed NBA Finals against Detroit. And then Nike Huarache (PE) for Team France at the World Championships in Japan in 2006.

Julian admits he does lack a few of TP's kicks such as some TP wore for the All-Star games and with Team France but all-in-all, this TP fan has a nice collection. Check out more of his collection of kicks.

What about you Spurs fans? Got any photos of your Spurs sneaker collection to share?