Fan Freedom Project – Protecting your tickets


This past week, I was invited to attend the Fan Freedom Project Conference in New York City and it was quite eye-opening.

Your tickets – whether it be sporting events, music concerts, etc. – are under attack and the Fan Freedom Project is urging artists, event producers and ticket issuers to: 

1. Disclose the number of tickets available for sale to the general public and those reserved for
private sale to VIPs; 
2. Eliminate ludicrous fees, such as those for printing tickets at home; and,
3. Ensure that fans who buy tickets own them, without limits or restrictions on transfer.

“Fans feel like the ticketing industry keeps them in the dark,” said Jon Potter, the organization’s
president, “And they’re right. Every week we see fans try to buy tickets during the public onsale, only to
have events sell out in 30 seconds. What fans don’t realize is that hardly any tickets were available in the
first place. Original ticket issuers like Ticketmaster hide behind this opaque wall, and meanwhile tickets
are going out the backdoor to be sold to those same fans for double and triple the price. The Fan
Freedom Project is shedding light on these ticketing practices to ensure fairness, transparency and
meaningful consumer protections. We’re fighting to make sure all fans have reasonable opportunities to
see the bands and teams they love.”

This effects you Spurs fans. Rising ticket prices to home games is bad enough but when you get whacked with excessive fees, or have restrictions on what you can or cannot do with tickets you buy, well, this practice needs to stop. Just imagine buying a ticket to a Spurs-Lakers game and not being able to give it as a gift because of limitations impressed upon you.

Also, just based on fairness, tickets should be available to the fans to purchase at a fair price.

For more information on the Fan Freedom Project, click HERE to visit the website.