Fabricio Oberto on The Spurscast Live Tonight!


Tonight at 6 p.m. CST, we’ll be going live with a very special edition of the Spurscast Live. Thanks to a few friends of the show and site, we’ve arranged an interview with former Spurs center Fabricio Oberto.

Now a member of the Washington Wizards, Oberto spent four years with the Spurs and we’ll be getting his takes on everything from how the Spurs fare against the Mavericks to his involvement in social networking. Perhaps, we’ll even read a few of our old Oberto facts to him.

But don’t let Jeff and I have all the fun. Be a part of the interview by chatting with us live and asking questions in the chat. A select few will also have the opportunity to join us live “on-the-air” and speak with the man himself.

Get Project Spurs bookmarked, set your alarm clocks and join us back here at 6 p.m. CST for this special episode of the Spurscast.