Ex-Spurs coach Larry Brown say Pop is one the best ever


Former San Antonio Spurs coach Larry Brown clearly has nothing but love, admiration and respect for his former assistant Gregg Popovich. In an interview with NBA.com, Brown had nothing but positive things to say about Pop and gave him one of the best compliments I’ve ever heard between two colleagues.

“I don’t think he’s one of the best coaches in the NBA, I think he’s one of the best coaches that ever coached our sport. He makes players better, he loves the game and loves the people he works with, he’s unbelievably loyal. I think every time his team plays it’s a tremendous learning experience for anybody who appreciates our sport. They defend, they share the ball, all the things we talked about.”

Brown is one of the most respected and acclaimed NBA coaches of all time, so you know all those words about Pop can be taken without question.

During the interview, Brown also goes into the dilemma of competing with his “best friend.” He talks about how it was down to him and Pop for the number one pick in the draft to get Tim Duncan when he was with the 76ers, and then how they met in the finals a few years later when he was with the Pistons. Brown’s kids always saw it as “win-win” because either their dad was going to win or his friend was.

Brown finishes by talking about how great Pop is for the game of basketball, how Pop loves to share his knowledge to make the game better.

It’s a great interview to watch and I love to see Brown hold Pop in such high esteem. You know it goes both ways and Pop would have the same things to say about Brown.