Ex-Spur Simmons speaks on lockout, wants to play in the NBA


BSLast season, the San Antonio Spurs brought in former NBA Most Improved Player Bobby Simmons.

Simmons had fell off the NBA map as he had very poor seasons with the Milwaukee Bucks following his big year with the Los Angeles Clippers. He was stashed in Milwaukee until his contract ended.

Simmons came to San Antonio but only lasted two regular season games with the Spurs before being cut and eventually finishing the 2010-11′ season in the D-League.

Simmons told Scott Powers of ESPN Chicago that he still plans on trying to make an NBA ball club when the lockout ends, and he gave his thoughts on the lockout. 

“Guys want to play,” Simmons said. “That’s the main thing. When the owners see that, guys just want to play basketball, but we can’t just take anything [in the collective bargaining agreement.]

“For our union, everyone’s sticking together and staying positive. We’re going to make the best decision possible for not only myself as a veteran, but the young guys behind us.”

Time to chime in Spurs fans. Where do you stand in all this CBA mess?