Ex-Spur Jackson says he's misunderstood


Former San Antonio Spurs player Stephen Jackson was introduced to the media as the newest member of the Milwaukee Bucks today and what he said made you think both “maybe Stephen Jackson has changed,” and “Nope, Cap’n Jack hasn’t changed one bit,” at the same time.

Jackson told the media he’s been misunderstood since the 2004 Malice in the Palace where he and Ron Artest, sorry, Metta World Peace went PC Load Letter on some Detroit Pistons fans.

“Obviously, I regret the whole situation,” Jackson said. “I regret it, because if I think about it, I would have never went in the stands.”

Yet right after Jackson said he was misunderstood, he then quickly reminded everyone he’s still the same old Stephen Jackson.

“There’s no time for being babies or being scared,” Jackson said. “If you’re scared, go to church.”

Jackson spoke frankly about his desire to play for a winner and said he thinks the Bucks want to win and win now. Known for being a hot head, Jackson said he knows he needs to keep his temper under control enough to not garner 15 technical fouls last season, but didn’t say he would begin playing without passion.

“Obviously, I’ve got to be smarter about it,” Jackson said. “But I’m going to play with the same passion and desire every night, and nobody’s going to change that. Not referees. Nobody.”

SJax also told the media that he’s not worried about fitting in with the city of Milwaukee, which he said visiting players labeled a boring city, because he’s a completely different guy off the court.

“I’m an assassin on the court,” Jackson said. “And at home, I’m a nun.”

It looks like Jackson is much more agreeable to playing for the Bucks now then it seemed on Draft Night. But if there’s trouble in the cheesy paradise of Milwaukee I hope R.C. Buford gets on the phone and tries to bring Cap’n Jack back in to a black and silver jersey.

What say you Spurs fans? Do you view Stephen Jackson as a knucklehead or the Spurs that got away?

(photo: daylife.com)

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