Ex-Spur Anderson’s lawyer says criminal story is a lie


As our own Jeff Garcia wrote two days ago, former San Antonio Spurs guard Derek Anderson is being linked as a key player in a drug ring investigation. The accused, Francois Cunningham, has been arrested for murder and when prosecutors asked him who was in charge of the money aspect of the drug ring operation and Cunningham gave Anderson’s name.

On Wednesday, Anderson’s lawyer came out to the public and said Cunningham is a “psychopath” and went on to say Anderson had no activity in any alleged crime.

“He’s just astonished by it,” Cox said of Anderson’s reaction to Cunningham’s statements to Louisville Metro Police. “He (Cunningham) doesn’t know Derek Anderson and Derek Anderson doesn’t know him.”

Afterward, Anderson’s lawyer made a very good point: why would you believe some one who has done some appalling things in society?

“He (Cunningham) tortured a man to death and he burned two people alive by throwing a Molotov cocktail in a car they were in,” said Cox.”

According to the report, Anderson is very well known in the Kentucky community so that is one of the reason’s why his name was linked so easily. As Garcia wrote , let’s all hope Anderson’s name gets pulled away from this awful mess.

(Photo: DerekAnderson002.tripod.com)

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