Everything To Know About The 2022 FIFA World Cup Opening Day

world cup opening day Ecuador vs. Qatar
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The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is officially underway! A performance from Jungkook of BTS highlighted the opening ceremony. An early goal ruled offsides gave fans a look at the technology used to help officiate the tournament. The capacity crowd cheered on the struggling host team, as the Ecuadorian team’s talent and experience put on quite a show. Fans from all over the world are exploring the fan village and posting their experience to their social media accounts. Let’s take a look at everything to know about the 2022 FIFA World Cup opening day.

FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony

Following some verses of the Holy Quran, the opening ceremony kicked off with a musical performance from Korean pop icon Jungkook. Jungkook is the first Korean act to ever perform at the FIFA World Cup. The BTS star took to the stage with Qatari singer Fahad Al Kubaisi to debut his new single “Dreamers.” American Actor Morgan Freeman appeared with Qatari YouTuber Qaanim al-Muftah to open the ceremony with a message of peace and tolerance.

Qatar vs Ecuador Was All Ecuador

The energy in Al Bayt Stadium was so exhilarating the Qatari team kicked off the ball slightly before the countdown finished.  This aggressive move to open the match would be one of the only moments where Ecuador was caught off guard.

Enner Valencia scored a goal in the 3rd minute of the match but it was ruled offside after the goal was checked in the officiating booth. FIFA is tracking the players on the field live and they’re keying in on multiple parts of the player’s bodies This offside ruling would normally go uncalled and had many fans watching the game confused. Later in the broadcast, they explained the ruling and the offending player’s leg below the knee was offside on Valencia’s goal. While it was technically the correct call, losing a goal because of an extended leg is heartbreaking. This Twitter user caught the infraction perfectly.

The stats paint a picture of an almost even matchup. Qatar had possession of the ball 47% of the time with 80% pass accuracy. But for those who watched, it certainly felt like Ecuador was in control of the contest from start to finish. Qatar’s lack of experience led to some hard fouls on Ecuador’s lead scorer Valencia. With two goals scored in the first half the offside call spoiled Valencia’s chance for a hat-trick. At the end of the first half Qatari star, Almoez Ali had an off-target header that was their best chance for a goal. Late in the second half, Mohammad Muntari had a shot at goal but it was off target.

What’s Next For Both Teams?

For the time being Ecuador can celebrate the opening night as the leader of Group A with 3 points. Ecuador’s next match is against the Netherlands, and Qatar’s next match is against Senegal. Both matches will play on Friday.

No Beer at Matches No Late Night Food 

As it was widely reported beer is not for sale at the matches only in designated areas of the fan’s village. As fans are starting to arrive, they post videos about the accommodations to their social media accounts. Food and Beverage Vendors are reported to be closed at 2 AM. Fans at the late matches may find themselves rushing back to the fan village just to get a quick bite and drink before everything closes.

The Fan’s village has been reported as repurposed Shipping Containers. And while it may be true that the accommodations are not 5-star by any stretch of the imagination. They do seem to be adequate. A Venezuelan-American travel YouTuber from the channel ”Volpe Where Are You?” posted a Travel-Vlog of his journey to the World Cup and at the 8:30 mark you can see the housing section of the Fan Village. At the 11:36 mark, you can also see what it looks like inside the units.

That’s everything to know from the 2022 FIFA World Cup opening day. Now that things are underway make sure you follow Project Spurs. We’ll be providing coverage of the World Cup, keeping you informed on everything you need to know. If you are having trouble understanding the World Cup format click here we explained everything. 


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