Even former Sonics star Jack Sikma is bummed over Spurs playoff exit


Time has passed since the San Antonio Spurs’ playoff march came to a crashing end at the hands of the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference Finals but the earlier-than-expected playoff exit for San Antonio is still fresh on the minds of fans.

Dreams of another championship parade down San Antonio’s famed Riverwalk were put on hold yet again as the team and their fans look to next season to once again make a run at title number five.

But it’s not just the team and fans that are still reeling over the Spurs’ implosion to OKC. Former SuperSonics star Jack Sikma says seeing the Spurs get bounced out of the playoffs is still bothering him.

“To tell you the truth, I was rooting for San Antonio (in the Western Conference finals against the Thunder). I still have a bad taste in my mouth.”

Indeed all Spurs fans and players still have that bad taste in their mouth. Even today, Spurs fans are still wondering how this heart-breaking end to the season happened. Some blame the refs in Game 6, some point to individual players not stepping up, while some just accept OKC was the better team.

What about you Spurs fans? Do you still have that bad taste in your mouth on the Spurs debacle in the playoffs or have you moved on? Leave your comments.

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