ESPN's Thorpe doesn't think highly of the Spurs TV crew


If you’re like me, you enjoy listening to the San Antonio Spurs’ TV announcers of Bill Land, Sean Elliott and newly added Malik Rose. Land with his “Oh Mama!” whenever a Spurs player does a fantastic play on the court and Elliott for his dry, witty comments.

However, don’t tell that to ESPN’s David Thorpe.

In one of his ESPN chats, Thorpe was asked about local TV crews and which were his favorites. He mentioned a few but also gave his thoughts on the Spurs TV crew:

Celts and Spurs have terrific organizations, but their tv guys are not remotely objective or particularly informed.

Thanks Thorpe. I guess the fact they cover the Spurs should not weigh in your thoughts huh?

Do you expect them to be cheering for the opposing team? And did you just infer Land and Elliott are not knowledgeable about the game? In case you forgot, Elliott played the game, was an All-Star and won an NBA championship. Rose also played the game and gives insight to the Spurs inner-workings and also won a title with the Spurs. Land does say when the refs make the right call even if it does go against the Spurs.

Might want to rethink your thoughts on the Spurs TV crew Thorpe.