End of the Week Links 9/13/2009


With David Robinson’s induction to the Hall of Fame, I’ve broken this edition of Spurs links into two groups: Robinson related links and Spurs related links. Enjoy.


  • San Antonio Business Journal – It is a short interview with Robinson but his character shines through like always.
  • Ball Don’t Lie – Kelly Dwyer watches might watch more basketball than any other blogger or reporter out there. His article on Robinson shows his understanding of the Admiral’s legacy and what he meant to the game of basketball.
  • The Painted Area – I loved this statistical analysis of Robinson’s career compared to Oscar Robertson, showing how Robinson’s career is somewhat unfairly viewed through a lense that focuses on his failures against Olajuwon. I highly, highly recommend this article.
  • Yahoo – Johnny Ludden understands the Spurs better than any journalist out there, and this article shows that.
  • Bleacher Report – Another solid article remembering Robinson for more than his on the court achievements.
  • NBA.com – Continuing to debunk the Robinson is soft image.
  • Spurs.com – Looking back on Robinson’s off the court achievements. How many players can have an award named after them like Robinson does? That takes a special person.
  • Spurs.com – A look back at Robinson’s 71 point game.
  • 48MoH – Timothy Varner unleashes a great ode to Robinson’s career, saying that the defining moments of Robinson’s career came as a role player when he helped define the culture of Spurs basketball. A must read.
  • ESPN – Chris Sheridan has a wonderful piece that looks back at Robinson’s final season and a conversation he had with Pop. There are some great quotes from Pop concerning Robinson’s character.


  • Toronto Sun – It looks like Matt Bonner will play for the Canadien national team. Do you think fans will make a big deal out of it like they do with Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker? Ya, me neither.
  • Sports Radio Interviews – This is a transcript of a radio interview with Bruce Bowen. He discusses some of his techniques and whether he was a dirty player or not.
  • Cuzoogle – This is a Raptors blog but they gave Bowen some love on his way out.
  • 48MoH –  Timothy Varner has a great interview with point guard/shooting guard/small forward Marcus Williams. They discuss everything from playing in the D-League to what Pop wants him to work on. I was fascinated by his account of Austin Toros coach Quin Snyder. As a Missouri Tiger, my view of Snyder is different than most people’s view. I’m glad to see that he has been able to teach and help so many young player’s improve their game.
  • Slam – The basketball magazine pinpoints five questions for the upcoming season with question five concerning the Spurs and their ability to win a championship.
  • PTR – Getting to know DeJuan Blair.