End of the Week Links 8-28

  • Bleacher Report – They are previewing 30 teams in 30 days and recently looked at the Spurs. Most of the preview centered around the addition of Richard Jefferson. They did not mention the return of a healthy Manu Ginobili, who should have just as big of an impact.
  • Express News – Jeff McDonald discusses how Pop is ready to tinker with all his new players. We saw Pop messing around with line ups at the end of last season looking for one that worked. I’m excited to see what combos he comes up with this season.
  • Sports Illustrated – Nothing like offseason power rankings for the upcoming season! I disagree with having the Lakers third on the list. I’m of the camp that the defending champ should start at 1 unless they epically change their team. Guess who is first?
  • NBC Sports – Another A+ for the Spurs offseason. However, I have to disagree with the following sentence: “Behind Tony Parker, neither Hill nor Roger Mason is currently capable of consistently running the show as smoothly as departed veteran Jacque Vaughn, who isn’t expected back.” Which Jacque Vaughn were they watching?
  • Spurs.com – This is a nice collection of David Robinson videos as he prepares to enter the Hall of Fame.
  • USA Today – Pop says the Big Three will all be healthy. Tim Duncan and Ginobili have taken their offseasons easier than normal to limit the wear and tear on their bodies. I especially liked this line: “He’s [Duncan] got more flexibility in that leg than he ever has.”
  • Empty the Bench –  Even the Spurs logo had a good offseason.
  • ESPN – Is Richard Jefferson the Best Newcomer of the Year like ESPN says? I sure hope so.
  • 48MoH – Timothy Varner asks if the Spurs should make another move before camp. My answer is no. Lets wait until December or January and then assess the state of this team.  They also did an awesome job of covering Spurs international play!  Good job 48!
  • PTR – The guys over at PTR have been looking at how the Spurs match up with every other team in the league. This week they look at the Raps. I’ve enjoyed the series and highly recommend checking it out if you have not.