End of the Week Links 8-21

  • Bleacher Report – Playing the role of Debbie Downer this week is Bleacher Report! Will the high expectation of the Spurs lead to disappointment when old age kicks in and they don’t win a championship? Perhaps. Does that mean the Spurs should lower their expectations? Fat chance.
  • RealGM – Another ranking of who had the best offseason. Another first place nod to the Spurs. At this point is it any question who had the best offseason?
  • TalkHoops – Mostly I love the name of this article – “Luxury Tax Bowel Movement”. It has a little to do with the Spurs, talking the luxury tax and what players each time might trade to get under it.
  • Onlinesports – No, I don’t have the Spurs couch. However, if I ever get my own place and have a man cave, you can bet it will be in there.
  • Foxsports – Charley Rosen is asked who he ranks higher, Karl Malone or Tim Duncan. You’ll have to read it to see who he chose. The most interesting part to me was that he said Dennis Rodman was his 7th best PF ever. Really???
  • Express News – Mike Monroe wrote about how Roger Mason has cut his body fat by four percentage points and is trying to keep his spot in the rotation. No offense Mason, but you are the fifth option with Jefferson and Ginobili around.
  • 48MoH – I could try to do a catchy write up about Graydon Gordian’s article comparing the Spurs and Barcelona, but I would fail to do it justice. Trust me when I say read this article.
  • PTR – Rikkido takes a look at the West and ranks the teams. My only hesitation is with his decision to put the Warriors 8th. I liked how he took a chance with them, but I just have trouble putting my faith in that team to make the playoffs.