End of the Week Links 12/12

  • Solecollector.com – The blogosphere has been abuzz about Tim Duncan’s sweet kicks. So that’s what it takes for people to talk about Duncan. I kid. I kid.
  • Bleacher Report – What is Robert Kleeman doing saying the Spurs are done and that Duncan is old! If I ever see that sonofa…oh, it’s satire? My bad.
  • Basketball Prospectus – Ken Pomeroy dissects DeJuan Blair’s rebounding domination from last year with Pitt. So many good statistics in this article.
  • Express-News – Pop says that he would quit if he didn’t think the refs honest. Here’s my brief opinion on the NBA and its refs. I don’t think the refs intentionally try to favor one team over another but there needs to be more transparency and oversight. That discussion is for another time, however.
  • Interbasket – Manu Ginobili says that he is doubting himself and is not playing confident. This is a problem that he has never had, but after all his injuries I can understand how he must also mentally recover.
  • Express-News – Jeff McDonald writes about Richard Jefferson’s struggles. Interesting quote from Pop about how the Spurs need to get Jefferson in transition more.
  • PTR – Matt Bonner is an interesting player. He probably has more haters among fans (at least they are the most vocal), but all the advanced stats say he is an extremely valuable player. Fred Silva let out same hate after Bonner missed the last second shot against the Jazz and an interesting discussion came about in the comment section.
  • Express-News – I’ll be honest, I had no idea that the Maloof brothers almost bought the Spurs and were beat by Peter Holt. That is a big What if…
  • 48MoH – It is supposedly Tim Duncan who needed help during the offseason due to his age. So far it’s been Tim Duncan carrying his teammates.
  • Hardwood Paroxysm – Zach Harper discusses the Spurs through the lens of his JV coaching position. Just go with it. Zach says that teams should watch out for these Spurs, which sounds a little more optimistic than the average fan right now.
  • Mundo Albiceleste – John is loving the recent play of Ginobili and proclaims he is back . . . for now.