End of the Week Links 11/28

  • PTR – If you click on one link this week make it this one. LatinD knocked this one out of the park. Take the time to try and absorb all his wonderful graphs and numbers.
  • PTR – Fred Silva provided a great breakdown on how the Spurs successfully defended Brandon Jennings by determining who won each possession.
  • PTR – Wayne Vore provides a short Austin Toros preview. I highly recommend checking out a D-League game if you get a chance. Every seat is great, the players are more talented than an almost any college game, and you can almost hear all the coaching. Fun times.
  • ESPN – Tim Legler predicts who will make the West playoffs, which is kinda silly to do in November anyways, and doesn’t include the Spurs. However, he does add that people shouldn’t write them off until the spring. So why did he?
  • Express-News – Mike Monroe chronicles the Spurs away game troubles, which ended with a win in Houston on Friday.
  • Express-News – Apparently Roger Mason is now injured with a strained left hamstring. At least this injury doesn’t hurt as much as those to the Big Three. Sorry Mase.
  • Express-News – Monroe looks discusses how George Hill gives the Spurs flexibility in the backcourt like they never have. My favorite part of the article was how Hill lifted weights after defending Brandon Jennings for 27 minutes.
  • 48MoH – Matt Bonner is at times the most hated Spur but is the most effective according to different advanced statistics. Graydon Gordian approaches the subject of how much Bonner should play.
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