End of the Week Links 10/13

  • New York Times – The NYT jumps on the DeJuan Blair bandwagon. There was nothing really new in the article but it’s always great when the Times is writing a profile on Blair.
  • Express-News – Buck Harvey discusses Manu Ginobili and his lack of a contract extension. It’s evident that the Spurs are rightfully hesitant to give Ginobili an extension until they know what kind of health he is in.
  • Express-News – Allen Iverson is no Manu Ginobili says Mike Monroe.
  • Oregonlive.com – Richard Jefferson as the Spurs defensive stopper? I wouldn’t go that far but he has shown effort on that end of the court.
  • ESPN – John Hollinger lists (Insider) the top disappointments of the NBA season so far. Included on his list is the Spurs defense. Can’t say I’m shocked.
  • NBA.com – Yes, the Spurs have started slow, and yes, they typically turn things around. However, with an easier first half of the schedule than second half it would be nice if they would start winning on the road.
  • 48MoH – Graydon Gordian takes a look at the Spurs shot chart from their win against the Mavericks. He finds that the Spurs did a good job making sure to take shots around the basket and from three point range, the two most important areas.
  • 48MoH – Timothy Varner shows how the Spurs supposed three point specialists are in a slump to start the season. The Spurs lived and died by the three too much last year and this is definitely something we should keep an eye on.
  • 48MoH – This is a must read by Varner from last Monday. He breaks down the Spurs defensive struggles and focuses on their lack of rebounding. I won’t tell you what he concludes because you should read it for yourself, but I will say that I agree wholeheartedly with him.
  • PTR – Classic Aaron Stampler. He breaks down the Spurs recent games with Ginobili-colored glasses.