End of the Week Links 10/10/09

  • ESPN – Marc Stein discusses the Spurs decision to go all-in during the offseason. I especially enjoyed Manu Ginobili’s quote at the end of the article.
  • ESPN –  John Hollinger released his PER projections for the entire league. I thought it was interesting that his projections only have the Big Three topping 15, which is supposedly the league average. Insider only.
  • SLAM – SLAM is counting down the top 50 NBA players and Tony Parker checks in at number 15.
  • 48MoH – The Spurs lost their first preseason game but DeJuan Blair’s 16 points and 19 rebounds in 22 minutes were all anybody could talk about. Timothy Varner discusses Blair’s game and his potential.
  • Express-News – Mike Monroe discusses Ian Mahinmi. Interesting quote by Antonio McDyess wondering why he hasn’t heard more about Mahinmi. One word, fouls.
  • 48MoH – Graydon Gordian discusses how the Spurs front court might shape up. This is something I looked at earlier this summer and I agree with Gordian that this year’s group of big men is much more similar to the groups at the beginning of Pop’s tenure.
  • Express-News – Buck Harvery compares Ian Mahinmi and DeJuan Blair. Mahinmi, who he describes as a player built in a lab, just seems like the odd man out to me in the long run. It’s a shame because he has the potential but the basketball instincts just aren’t there.
  • Ball Don’t Lie – Kelly Dwyer lists the top ten players of the decade and Tim Duncan comes out on top. Dwyer is one of the smartest basketball writers out there and I have enjoyed his lists. Maybe it’s because the Spurs have dominated them.