Elson: It's just another game


Francisco ElsonI had a chance to ask former San Antonio Spurs player Francisco Elson a few questions on Saturday about being back in San Antonio.

Elson was acquired by the Spurs in the summer of 2006 and then was traded midway through the 2009 season with Brent Barry and a draft pick for Kurt Thomas.

If you think playing against the Spurs brings up fond memories for Elson, you’d be surprised to know it’s quite the contrary.

“It’s just another game,” Elson said.

Since the Spurs had two days off before the Jazz game and the Jazz had not played the day prior, I figured Elson would have met up with some of his former teammates.

Matt Bonner, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker are still with the Spurs from the 2007 Championship season, but he didn’t have the chance to meet with any of them prior to the game.

“They didn’t have the time to, but maybe after the game or something like that,” Elson said.

Elson and the Jazz left the AT&T Center not too long after the game ended, so he may not have had the opportunity to met with them, but he does have some positive things to say about the Spurs going forward.

“They’ve had a good run,” Elson said. “They’re veterans so they know exactly what to do and what to expect.”