Elliott called out for being a ‘homer’ announcer


Home team play by play and color commentators are usually the worst to listen to unless they get their paychecks from your team. The majority of announcers have a home team bias that even the truth won't change their mind on an obvious call. For San Antonio Spurs fans, Sean Elliott isn't immune to this. Alongside Bill Land, these two men are very popular among Spurs fans who listen in to the games on Fox Sports Southwest.

Last week, Elliott was mentioned by NBA.com writer John Schuhmann's article "Air Check" last week which was dedicated to announcers from various teams for some funny, weird, and head shaking moments. Elliott's play-by-play during the game against the Oklahoma City Thunder made it to the list in the latter category. He criticizes Elliott for "not changing his stripes" during the game that aired on NBA TV.


I guess that means that Diaw is allowed to hold down Serge Ibaka‘s arm as the rebound comes their way.

After the second call, Elliott says “Ibaka looked like he had that rebound anyways.” Well no, he didn’t once he got fouled.

Then, “Ibaka gets rewarded for not boxing out.” Actually, Diaw gets punished for pushing Ibaka in the back.

Bottom line, a foul is a foul, even if it happens 94 feet from the basket.

“Two wrongs just make it wrong,” Elliott says.

That’s exactly what those who were listening to him were thinking.

Elliott is one of the few announcers who not only knows the game, but he also makes it enjoyable with his jokes during the game. It shouldn't be he's a homer for the team who writes his paychecks and won an NBA championship with in 1999. If you watch any other teams, you'll get the same result with probably less homerism than Elliott but not by far. It's something that's expected when you tune into a local broadcast.

What do you think Spurs fans? Did Elliott go too far in his homerism or is it something that's normal during a home team broadcast?