Eat Shit Mavs!


The Mavs showed how to choke on the biggest stage in the NBA.
I am soooo happy that douche-bag Cuban did not win a title!
And AJ had been acting like a fucking jerk during the finals and deserves no ring!
I am sooo glad the Heat won on the Mavs own home court to add insult to injury.
And just like Cuban is a fucking jerk and jack-ass is reflected in the Mavs fans and how they acted after the loss.
I am sooo glad to be a Spurs fan because I know the following would not happen in San Antonio….”Three people were arrested on misdemeanor assault charges, and one was treated at the scene after a fight in the arena parking lot. All involved were Mavericks fans. Police said tension from the game contributed to the incident.”
HA HA HA HA HA! Let’s recap… the NBA Finals, SPurs are 3-0, while the Mavs are 0-1! Three rings to zero rings!!!!!! HA HA HA HA!
Fuck you Mavs! I am going to relish in your defeat you fucking chokers!

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