Early impressions: Danny Green’s offense, Tiago’s shooting


Danny Green was a revelation for the San Antonio Spurs last season.  He proved to be a good wing defender and one of the Spurs' best three point shooters during the regular season.  Green shot 42 percent from the field last season and 43 percent from three.  That means Green was worse from two last year than he was from three.  It's only been three games, but Green is already showing how he improved over the summer.

According to NBA Advanced Stats, Green is shooting a blistering 58.6 percent from the field and 50 percent from three.  If you dig a little deeper you'll see that Green is shooting 80 percent from mid-range, a lot of those shots coming off of a curl screens, plays set specifically for Green.  Green developing a mid range game in addition to his ability to hit a three is a potentially big deal.  It makes Green more than a safety valve on offense, thus making the Spurs even less predictable on offense.  He's not 2006 Richard Hamilton yet, but the improvement in Green's shot has been significant so far.

Splitter beats himself up

In case you missed Saturday's game vs. the Jazz, let me sum up Tiago Splitter's night: Frustrating.  Tiago couldn't throw the ball in the ocean if he was standing right water's edge.  After the game, Splitter took to Twitter to vent.

Here's the good thing about Tiago Spliter so far, he's being aggressive.  Lots of shots at the rim, even if he missed some.  Those misses will turn in to makes.  As I touched on last week, Splitter shot 72 percent in the restricted area last season, so his early season struggles are mental hiccups that he'll likely overcome.  He's also shown some added aggression on defense, which unfortunately has resulted in some foul trouble, which is something to look for over the next few weeks as he likely sees more playing time.

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