Durant’s presence at Goodman-Drew League game enough to convince Neal


The much anticipated Goodman-Drew League game is this weekend and one participant is San Antonio Spurs’ Gary Neal.

The event is dotted with many NBA players. Aside from Neal, John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, Ty Lawson are other players participating. But what did it take for Neal to agree to lace up his sneakers and take part in the event?

One name: Kevin Durant.

“Once he told me had K.D. on board — a guy who has influence throughout the league — it was easy,” said San Antonio Spurs guard Gary Neal, who has been playing in the Goodman League since he was a freshman in college. “When you have a guy like Kevin Durant, he can get on the phone and call pretty much anybody in the NBA and make it happen.”

Indeed Durant’s name was a huge key in convincing many of the NBA players to hoop it up this weekend. Not to mention how Durant’s presence helped generate buzz for the showdown. But for Durant, it’s more about giving back to the fans and letting them get to see the two leagues in action.

“I really just want to do it for the people, man. They really don’t get to see that,” Durant said.