Durant & Westbrook to become Duncan & Parker 2.0?


Because of general manager Sam Presti’s ties to the San Antonio Spurs, the Oklahoma City Thunder have often been compared to the four-time NBA champs.  But it’s not just the media and the blogosphere that is making that comparison.

Darnell Mayberry, Thunder beat writer for the Oklahoman, tweeted recently that ESPN’s JA Adande asked All-World forward Kevin Durant what duo he wants he and guard Russell Westbrook to resemble most and Durant replied he wants them to be like a famous Spurs duo.

“ESPN’s (J.A. Adande) asked KD which great duo in the history of the game he hopes to be like. Durant said Tony Parker and Tim Duncan.”

My only issue with this statement is that he didn’t say “I want me, Russ and James Harden to be like Duncan, Parker and Ginobili”.  Otherwise, this is a great response from Durant.  Had he said Jordan and Pippen it would’ve just started some ridiculous Jordan-Durant debate.  He’s a bit young for a Magic-Kareem reference and let’s all thank whatever lord we pray to that he didn’t mention those two four letter words.  You know, Kobe and Shaq. 

I hope Durant, Westbrook and Harden get a title or two, but I also hope the Spurs get a chance to send them home once in the playoffs.  By the way, the Spurs and Thunder square off this Saturday at the AT&T Center, right before they start the Rodeo Road Trip.