Duncan’s last stand


I still remember the feeling of watching the San Antonio Spurs win the lottery back in 1997. The Spurs were never a bad team, but since David Robinson got injured they had a terrible record the year before. I didn’t think it was fair they got the number one pick since their season seemed more like a fluke. But I knew what that number one pick was going to be used for, and I knew the Spurs were going to be a special team for a long time.

14 years and four championships later, it seems the sun is finally setting on the Tim Duncan dynasty. I know every Spurs fan out there wants to see “Timmy D” retire a Spur, even if it means he only puts in ten minutes a game in his last season. So is this shortened season going to be Duncan’s last chance to win another title?

It would be easy for me to say an aging Duncan can’t help the Spurs anymore and they have no shot at a title this year, but that’s not the case. Some might forget that the Spurs were the number one seed in the Western Conference last year since they got bounced in the first round, but they dominated a conference that was supposed to be owned by the Los Angeles Lakers. They had to face a team that they didn’t match up well against and the ball just didn’t roll their way. They’ll be back this year and ready to give it another go. 

With that being said, I do think this is Duncan’s last shot. I don’t think the Spurs are going to win the West again but they’re obviously a playoff team this year, and once they’re in, you know they’re capable of anything.  Duncan still has enough left in the tank to give it one more year. Obviously I can’t predict how well he’s going to play but I assume he’ll be able to say he ended his career at the right time if he retires when this season is over, with or without a championship. 

I’d really hate to see a guy like Duncan drag out his career until he’s useless. He’s brought so much to the Spurs and to the city of San Antonio, he owes it to himself to leave on a high note.

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