Duncan works in Austin . . . with the Thunder


Thank goodness for Twitter, because it’s given us fans a peek into how a lot of NBA guys spend their summer. One guy who, until today, we had no clue how he spent his summer was San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan.

Here’s what we know about Duncan: He’s the most successful player of his generation (I’ll take your Kobe comments below), he has a wife, a couple of kids, likes swimming, boxing with Jesse James Leija and playing video games. We all just assume he spends his summer hanging out with his family, swimming and playing video games, perhaps all at the same time, which would be impressive.

But thanks to former Spur and current Thunder center Nazr Mohammed, we now know Duncan isn’t a complete hermit in the offseason. Though with the San Antonio heat, no one would blame him for keeping himself in his “Big Fundamental” pool which is hopefully shaped like a backboard.

Nazr tweeted “We getting some good work here in Austin. Had a cameo by the Big Fundamental aka TD, @DaFinster (Mike Finley aka James Anderson 1.0) & @RealTristan13 (Cavs draftee Tristan Thompson).”

The work he’s talking about is the Kevin Durant coordinated Thunder work outs in Austin. I think several things about this. First, I think it’s great that Durant is coordinating these workouts. It shows great leadership on his part. Second, I think it’s great that Nazr got Duncan and Finley to come up and workout with the young Thunder team.

But if Duncan taught Durant one move, just one move that helps OKC beat San Antonio in next spring’s playoffs I’m going to be really upset. But there you have it Spurs fans, the greatest power forward ever is keeping busy this offseason, and it’s not just with Call of Duty and Gears of War.