Duncan says no one is happy with new deal


In an article via the Associated Press, some NBA players and coaches question why both sides went into a lockout in the first place since the new Collective Bargaining Agreement looks very similar to the last CBA that caused the five month lockout.

One player is San Antonio Spurs future hall of famer Tim Duncan.

“Nobody’s happy,” Spurs forward Tim Duncan said.

Miami’s Dwayne Wade, former Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy, and new Houston Rockets coach Kevin McHale all chime in on the article as most agree with Duncan that both the players and the owners didn’t negotiate a good new deal, just a deal.

And what has really changed? The NBA and owners argued over the need for parity during the lockout yet here we are, big name players still trying to go to major markets and practically forcing themselves out of their respective teams. Just look at how the Lakers are actively pursuing Chris Paul and/or Dwight Howard.

Need further proof nothing seemed to have changed? The Warriors gave Kwame Brown a fat contract to the tune of $7 million for one year. Kwame! I guess NBA owners will never learn.

For a player like Duncan who is playing in his last few seasons, it has to upset him that with his few chances remaining to grab another ring, greed was behind delaying this NBA season.

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