Duncan set the example for Colts’ Manning, Stanford’s Luck


Tomorrow, one of my favorite video games comes out that brings in tradition for me. The game is NCAA 12, it’s not necessarily the game that draws my attention, it’s a way of ushering in the new college football season that is set to start in less than two months.

With college football getting set to return, that brings all the great players who have a bright future ahead of them to continue their legacy in their school’s history.

One of those players is Stanford’s Andrew Luck. Luck is the quarterback of the Cardinals and did a rare move after his junior season – he opted to stay for his senior season.

Draft analysts said Luck would have been the first quarterback taken had he come out in the 2011 NFL Draft, but Luck chose a path that very few athletes ever choose.

When Luck made the decision to stay in college, he called NFL Star Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts according to Larry Holder of CBSSports.com. He asked Manning for some advise in dealing with the media and pressure that consumes you in your senior season as a high profiled player.

Manning told Luck, the person who told him it’d be fine was the San Antonio Spurs All-Star Tim Duncan.

“That’s the advice that Tim Duncan, who was at the time at Wake Forest told me, he said, ‘It’s OK to stay if you want to be a senior.’ So I was proud of Andrew for making that decision and a big, strong, good-looking quarterback. He’s going to have a great senior year. And I think it’s great, it’s great for college football.”

These days, most NBA and NFL star players ever stay for their senior year once they have an stellar junior year. In the NBA, players like John Wall, Blake Griffin, and even recently Kyrie Irving  all headed for the NBA after their freshmen seasons.

One of the players demands in the NBA lockout is to let highschool students have the ability to come into the NBA at the age of 18.

Luck has made a wise decision to stay for his senior season barring an injury. Both of the players he is following, Duncan and Manning, have both won championships in the their respective sports and MVP awards.

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