Duncan on Najera


With the San Antonio Spurs taking on the Los Angeles Clippers in a preseason matchup in Mexico City today, Tim Duncan was asked about his thoughts on native Mexican and Charlotte Bobcats’ Eduardo Najera:

Para Tim Duncan, una de las principales estrellas de Spurs de San Antonio de la National Basketball Association (NBA), el mexicano Eduardo Nájera, de Bobcats de Charlotte, “es un jugador de mucha fuerza, duro en su forma de actuar sobre la cancha”, por lo que le tiene respeto, comentó ayer (source jornada.unam.mx)

For those who do not speak Spanish basically Duncan gave the canned PR answers to the Mexican press saying Najera is a strong player and tough on the court.

Najera, who also attended Cornerstone Christian Academy High School in San Antonio, may be a solid player on the court and the kind of player you want to go to battle with but at times he has drawn the ire of Spurs fans.

Case in point his take down of Manu Ginobili and flagrant foul on Tony Parker: