Duncan feeling healthy and finally getting in groove

Tim Duncan's been pretty inconsistent since he had his ankle injury last month. When he first came back, there was some rest and that was expected. There may have been some doubt in what his ankle could do, which is normal after any injury.  
It seems Duncan is back on track after having a few off games and it seems he's ready for the stretch run heading into the playoffs.
"It's finally starting to come back. My shot's is still not there the way I want it to be," said Duncan after the Spurs' win over the Mavericks.

This is a sigh of relief for Spurs fans, who may have thought the San Antonio Spurs' chances of winning a title were going to be halted with the 'Big Fundamental's" injury.

After the Spurs squeaked by the Dallas Mavericks, Duncan's box score looked vintage with 28 points and 19 rebounds. Duncan's skills have clearly not diminished and that's something opposing teams don't want to hear, especially when he's on a mission to end his career on a high note like his friend David Robinson did.

The best news from the Thursday's game may be what Duncan said afterwards concerning his health.


"Other than that, I feel great. I feel healthy," said Duncan. "The pain is gone and I'm starting to feel like I got it."
That's probably the most important news coming out of this game.
During this part of the season, every player tends to be hurting in some way or another, but not Duncan.
The rest Gregg Popovich has bought the big man is paying off while still keeping the team atop of the Western Conference and possibly overall in the league. If Duncan can keep this going and not have pain heading into the playoffs, it'll be his performances causing pains to other teams and head coaches.
The Spurs are going into these playoffs  with a full year under their belt together, something they did not have last year.
A healthy, well-oiled Spurs team that may be under the radar against the rest of the top tier teams may be the most dangerous out there, especially with a determined Duncan waiting to break out of his shell if the team needs some more vintage performances.