Duncan continues to be a winner and that’s not boring


During the NBA Finals, Rey Moralde of The No Look Pass will be contributing to Project Spurs during the San Antonio Spurs' chase for title number five. Here is Rey's first post on Tim Duncan returning to the NBA Finals.


This was shown during Game 4 of the 2013 Western Conference Playoffs. And now Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs have a chance to get their fifth NBA title.
Until Bill Simmons mentioned his accolades in that video, most casual fans may have forgotten what Duncan has done in this game. Most people want to talk about is whether Kobe Bryant would tie Michael Jordan when it comes to number of championships or whether or not LeBron James can get to that level. People forget Duncan has a chance for five rings, the number of rings Kobe has.
It's because Duncan and the Spurs did it in small-market San Antonio. Imagine if this happened in New York or Los Angeles. Those guys would be appreciated more simply because they're in a bigger market. Being from Los Angeles myself, the Laker fans would love Tim Duncan. Sure, he's not controversial. Sure, he doesn't have the flashiest game. But Pau Gasol has that same "boring" game and for the most part, he is loved as a Laker. 
Simmons is right. Why is all this winning boring? If you think about it, the Lakers played a boring brand of basketball when Shaq and Kobe won all those titles. They were only "exciting" because of star-power. Duncan has done it year after year-after-year. And if he wins that fifth title, the debates between who the greatest player of this generation is will only get hotter.
If Duncan is boring, then I would hate to have your idea of fun. I like winning basketball.