Draft Lottery Showing the Value of the NBA D-League


With the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the Lottery for the 3rd time since 2011, the question arises of whether the NBA is doing a disservice to their draftees.

You are suppose to get better with the #1 pick but if you are still in the draft lottery after getting the #1 pick twice, something is missing/wrong.

In the past the leagues weaker teams would get draftees that were ready to lead a team right away. Now you still get talented players, with them going to college for a year, they still need time to develop to their full potential. Players are getting thrust into bad teams where they are asked to carry the offense and change the culture of the organization.

Looking at the results of the NBA Draft Lottery since 2000, you realize there are more misses than hits. Franchise players like LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Paul, Damian Lillard, and Kevin Durant have become the exceptions rather than the rule.

Enter the NBA D-League and their goal for each NBA team to have their own league affiliate.  Turnover in league should be reduced. Now draftees that are NBA ready will be able to join their NBA team, but those players that need more seasoning can get the one on one instruction needed with a coaching staff familiar with the offensive style by the NBA team they are affiliated with.

This way the NBA team can ensure when the draftee is called upon, they will make the maximum impact rather than leaving them to fend for themselves at the end of the bench. Teams will be provided with extra bodies with smaller learning curves that they can call up due to injuries.

Even un-drafted players will benefit, by having the extra eyes attending their games to ensure the team’s first round pick is developing, they may notice some of the other players as well.

An option could also be enacted where if a player goes to the D-League, their rookie contract could be modified.  So that way, teams are not afraid of developing a player only to have the player go to another team and that team reap the benefits.

So Toro’s fans, how would you feel bout seeing this year’s first round pick cutting his teeth down in Austin?


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