Dr. Cauthen Settles with Spurs and Josh Primo Lawsuit

Photo via: Daniel Dunn/USAToday

Earlier today L.J. Ellis of Spurs Talk broke the news that the Spurs organization and Dr. Hillary Cauthen have settled the Josh Primo lawsuit between the two parties. In a statement, Cauthen’s attorney, Tony Buzbee said, “The parties have agreed to resolve this matter.” Cauthen has alleged that former Spurs guard Josh Primo exposed himself to her nine times while the Spurs employed her as a phycologist. According to Buzbee, the suit against Primo himself has also been settled. The Bexar County district attorney’s office is still investigating this matter for possible criminal charges.

It’s Not About Money For Dr. Cauthen in the Josh Primo Lawsuit

Six days after the Spurs waived Primo, Dr. Cauthen and her attorney, Buzbee held a press conference where they stated unequivocally that the goal of the lawsuit was not monetary compensation. The goal of the suit was to make changes within the Spurs organization to prevent things like this from happening again. Dr. Cauthen herself wanted to spearhead the effort to make these changes. The details of the settlement are protected by a non-disclosure agreement. However, a statement released by Spurs CEO R.C. Buford seems to suggest that the Spurs agreed to Dr. Cauthen’s terms.

Clearing Up Misconceptions 

To be clear Dr. Cauthen’s lawsuit and Primo’s being waived in late October aren’t mutually exclusive. As Buzbee, reiterated in the press conference this story was leaked by someone within the Spurs organization. There was an alleged incident where Primo was kicked out of the Four Seasons Hotel in Minneapolis after exposing himself to a member of the housekeeping staff. Buzbee also spoke of another alleged incident in Las Vegas where the Spurs traveled for Summer League play.

Two Sides To Every Story

At the time of this writing, neither Primo nor his attorney William J. Briggs ll released a statement after Spurs Talk broke the settlement news. On November 3, 2022, the same day as Dr. Cauthen and Buzbee’s press conference, Briggs released a statement that painted a very different picture of the events that took place. Briggs’ statement spun the accusations as a young man being taken advantage of by an older woman. Briggs also alleged that Primo was seeking treatment for trauma caused by Dr. Cauthen.

Project Spurs has been tracking this story since the Spurs waived Primo in October. We will continue to make updates as more details unfold.



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