Does The Spurs Playoff Roster Only Show 5 Players?


Last time I checked, the Spurs had more than 5 players on the playoff roster right?  Since games 1-3, I’ve seen Duncan, Bowen, Parker, Manu and Finely play and contribute, so where is the rest of the team?  I will tell you where. . . not showing up and playing like they got a pair!
Oberto, now coming off the bench, is a non-factor.  This fools rebounding stats for game 1 was 6, game 2 was 3, and game 3 he had 9.  Oh but he needs a new catagory for how many times he “volley balls” the ball to the half court hoping it goes to a Spur.  This guy needs to go after this season.  He hasn’t contributed crap and seems to only have gotten worse since last year.  Hell in game 2 freaking Bowen, Parker, and Peja outboarded this poor excuse for an NBA Center.  This team doesn’t need him to be a scorer.  They need him to rebound, play some D, and block shots.
Ime Udoka.  This guy has yet to unwrap his balls and play like he has a pair.  Sure he hasn’t gotten any run on the floor but when he is out there what has he given this squad?  JACK S*%T!  I thought he was here for defense and can put the ball in the bucket?  He he hasn’t done either.  In Game 2 he got 25 mins on the floor and produced very little.  This team needs more out of him.
Horry.  Am I the only one who cringes when he is at the scorers table ready to check in?  Clearly he has lost a step or two or three or four or five and does not need to be out there.  Better yet, when he starts chucking up 3-point shots I feel like it’s time for Pop to yank him. 
Matt Bonner.  Man I would love to be in his position right now.  Chilling on the bench, not breaking a sweat, and getting paid from a new 3 year deal.  Play him Pop!  He might actually help out in this series.  Spurs front office paid him some nice scratch and you don’t use him?  If anything he will give you hustle, 3 point shooting and is 6 fouls on Chandler and West.   
About the only bright spot has been Brent Barry.  In 18 mins in game 2 he gave SA 18 points and did his damage from 3 point land.  Pop needs to play him more seeing how the Bugs are double-teaming Tim everytime he touches the ball.
Memo to Spurs bench —  This team needs you now.  I’m looking at you Ime, Oberto, Horry, Barry.  The Hornets way have lost game 3 but they were playing with house money.  They are up 2-1 and if history is any lesson, the Mavs got game 3 on their court and ended up losing the series.  This team can’t be riding Tim, Tony and Manu’s coat-tails.  Show up!  It’s the freaking playoffs and this team’s title is on the line!